About Us

Beyond BCA is here to celebrate and support breast cancer survivors and current women with breast cancer within the African-American community. We pride ourselves to connect, promote, and encourage other surviors within our online forum and provide a means of goal and weigh-loss tracking.

Why with us?


Our Mission: To provide overweight/obese Black breast cancer survivors a web-based, mobile friendly, self-monitoring maintenance application that will include goal setting and tracking, weight tracking, an online forum for continued communication with other survivors who participated in the intervention along with including current and future members of the survivor community.


Features for our community include:
- Weight-Loss Tracking
- S.M.A.R.T. Goal Tracking
- Online Interactive Forum
- Information Center


Join our community of many knowledgeable survivors, health enthusiasts, and health professionals.


Here are our most widely used features by our online community.

Goal Tracking

Survivors are able to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and track these goals on a weekly basis. The application provides a simple way for survivors to enter their goals (up to 5 goals) and input whether they were able to meet their goals each day. The application also provides a means by which survivors can see their progress with their goals over time.

Online Forum

Our online forum is a place where survivors can interact with other survivors. Survivors are able to start threads about their successes so that other survivors may praise them for their accomplishments and create threads about their barriers or set-backs so that other survivors may provide advice/strategies.

Information Center

Our Information Center provides and includes up-to-date information on healthy eating habits and weight maintenance. The Information Center is maintained by several health enthusiasts and professionals.

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